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Auto Transformers

Auto Transformers …

Auto Transformers with (manual/automatic) tap-changing equipment are inserted as voltage regulators so that customers at the far end of the line receive the same average voltage as those closer to the source. The variable ratio of the Auto Transformer compensates for the voltage drop along the line

Our ranges are up to 600 A, up to 22 KV and more than 5 taping positions on request.

Auto Transformers applications:

  • you can use it as a safely starting machines such as induction motors and synchronous motors
  • Also, boosters to give a small boost to distribution cable for compensating the voltage drop
  • you can get the same advantage of  the variac

Auto Transformers advantages:

  • Increased KVA rating for a given size and mass
  • Less amount of copper
  • Due to the smaller size, the cost is less compared to a two – winding transformer
  • The resistance and reactance are less compared to a two – winding transformer and hence it has superior voltage regulation
  • Volt-ampere rating is more compared to a two – winding transformer
  • It is possible to get smooth and continuous variation of voltage