Oil Transformers

up to 15 MVA, 33 KV

Oil Transformers

…Oil Transformers

  • EGYTRAFO Group is an Egyptian manufacturing company manufactures, maintenance and sells 
  • EGYTRAFO Group produces wide range of Oil Transformers from 25 KVA up to 15 MVA, 33 KV 
  • Oil Transformers suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and ambient temperatures up to 45oC
  • EGYTRAFO Group Transformers are designed to deliver maximum continuous power without exceeding temperature rise limit and withstand overloading according to IEC — 60354
  • Other operating condition and customized solutions can be implemented on request
Egytrafo Product Oil Transformers

EGYTRAFO – Oil Transformers

  • Types of Oil immersed transformer:
A- Standard distribution transformers: Ratings from 25 KVA to 3500 KVA with vector group Dyn 11
  • Pole mounted transformers
  • Pad mounted transformers
  • Step — up transformers
  • Step — down transformers
B — Special Design Transformers: High rating up to 15000KVA, 33KV
  • Various number of taps for instance : 5,7,9,12,.21,etc
  • Dual voltage transformers for both : primary and secondary side
  • Testing transformers according to customer ratings and data
  • Isolating transformers according to customer ratings and data
  • Any connection group can be fulfilled on request
  • EGYTRAFO Group can design new solutions for Oil & Gas, Utilities and Industrial sectors according to their existing networks and requirements.
C — EARTHING Transformers / Zigzag:
D — Auto-Transformers: up to 600 A, up to 22 KV and more than 5 taping positions on request
— All products comply to IEC Standards
— KEMA Certified
* Field of Applications:
  • Public works /Hotels / Sky-Scrapers / Airports / Banks /Special industries/ Shopping centers/Public buildings /Office buildings
  • Stadiums /Variable speed drives /Utilities /Water Supply/ Carbon, Oil and Gas /Metal and mining industry /Wind and solar power /Application with rectifiers/Schools /Nuclear plants
New Products :
Automatic Regulated Auto — Transformers
Auto Transformers
Oil Transformers


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