Dry Transformers


Dry Transformers


Dry Transformers up to 3.6 MVA, 33 KV, having the following advantages:Ideal silicon steel resulting in lower losses.
High quality insulation materials to prevent short circuit.
Fans used to increase the transformers efficiency by 40%.
Temperature controllable through high technology monitors and screens.
KEMA Certified.

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Dry Transformers up to 3.6 MVA, 33 KV (Indoor & Outdoor).  *Different types:

  • Impregnated LV, Casted HV.
  • Casted LV, Casted HV.
  • Al – Al windings (Aluminum).
  • Cu – Cu windings (Copper).

* Cooling Methods:

  • Air Natural (AN).
  • Air Forced (AF).    Increased Power by 35-40 %

*According to IEC 60076  standards.

  • Field of Applications:-







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