Oil Transformers


Oil Transformers


Oil Transformers up to 15 MVA, 33 KV, having the following advantages:Ideal silicon steel resulting in lower losses.
Corks used to prevent leakage.
High quality insulation materials to prevent short circuit.
Manufactured according to the IEC standards.
KEMA Certified.


Product Description

  • Oil Transformers up to 15 MVA, 33 KV .
  • According to IEC 60076 standards.
  • Types of Oil Transformers :-

*  Standard  Transformers:-

*  With Conservator.

*  Hermetically Sealed.

*  Special Design Transformer :-

(Testing Trans., Isolating Trans., Dual Voltages , Rectifier Trans. )

*Earthing / Zigzag Transformers. 

*Auto – Transformers.

  • Cooling Methods:

*  Oil Natural Air Natural (ONAN).

*  Oil Natural Air Forced (ONAF).

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