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Services & After Sales Services

Services & After Sales Support :-

– Supervise the installation of the transformer at customer sites.
– Training customers on the operation and maintenance of transformers.
– Follow up the status of the transformers under operation at customer’s sites.
– Provided the needed spare parts if requested.
– Providing periodic maintenance for the transformer at site:
– Oil investigation and purification.
– Upgrading the transformer dielectric.
– Maintenance of the transformer protection.
– Replacement of detected transformer bushings.
– Changing oil at site.
– Performing all site tests.
– Turns ratio and polarity.
– Installation resistance (mugger test).
– Measuring of (DC) resistance.
– Repairing transformers during and after warranty period at site and in our factory.
– Yearly maintenance contracts as per request.
– Engineering, design and upgrading of old transformers for replacement.

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