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A Word FROM the Chairman

First of all, I would like to thank EGYTRAFO’s Group staff for their dedication and our clients whom we have been dealing with since 1979, for the success that we have reached in achieving our goals.

Looking back on the previous years and remembering every moment of hard work, deadlines met, challenges and competitions, those were the significant stimulants that enhanced our emerging experience since we started.

Our history began since we established our trading company ETCO in 1979 in which we were trading in electrical equipment i.e. Transformers, HRC fuses, lighting arrestors and Nickel Cadmium Batteries.

Our strong believe towards the Egyptians’ qualifications and looking forward to revive the Egyptian market with locally produced Oil Transformers and Nickel Cadmium Batteries, EGYTRAFO Group was established in 1994 which became a leading manufacturer for both products.

The success that EGYTRAFO Group proved to all its customers as well as perceiving exactly the market requirements encouraged us to step forward towards our dream in 2007 where we launched Dry Type Cast Resin transformers in the Egyptian market.

In addition, we have as well established “TrafoTech manufacturing PLC” factory in Ethiopia in 2013 for the production and maintenance of Oil Transformers.

Our most important key factors of reaching this success are our product’s quality and the team’s dedication to compete locally and globally. Therefore, our quality assurance team ensures the compliance of the lastest IEC and ISO standards for our products to be internationally accepted. Besides, our Oil and Cast resin transformers are “KEMA” certified. One of our main objectives is to maintain continuous quality improvement and staff development along with safety regulation.

Clients trust, experience, high quality and success are our main driving factors that we depend on in making our future business.

Last but not least EGYTRAFO’s Grp. main aim is to grow and expand our activities in order to increase its market share. We do believe that our mission never ends.

Grp. Chairman
Eng. Atef Abd El-Moniem


EGYTRAFO Group is a leading manufacturer of Oil, Dry Transformers and Nickel Cadmium Batteries. We had been working since 1979, when we first established our trading company “ETCO”.

We were trading in electrical products as Insulators, HRC Fuses, Lighting Arrestors, Dis-connectors, Instrument Transformers & Nickel Cadmium Batteries.

In 1994, we were capable to manage reaching “EGYTRAFO” since we believe in the Egyptian qualifications and looking forward to enhancing the Egyptian market which produces Oil Transformers and Nickel Cadmium Batteries. Later, in 2007 “EGYTRAFO Grp.” was introduced with the launch of the Dry Cast Resin Transformers.

On the other hand, we established a factory in KSA that produces Oil Immersed, Dry Cast Resin Transformers, MV Switch Gears, MV Compartment, LV Systems and Package Substations.

In 2013, TERAFO TECH MANUFACTURING PLC was established in Ethiopia as an extension of EGYTRAFO Group It is specialized in producing and maintaining oil immersed electrical distribution transformers from 50 KVA up to 5000 KVA.

EGYTRAFO Group shall meet or exceed the quality standards in its products, in which our quality assurance team ensures the compliance of the IEC and ISO Standards, so, our products are internationally accepted. Besides, our transformers are “KEMA” certified.

One of our main objectives is to maintain continuance improvement to maintain our quality and reliability.

Vision & Mission

“Being market leader in manufacture of transformers and Nickel Cadmium batteries and its services locally and globally”

“Customer focus through high quality and reliable products / services with competitive price and an time delivery. ”

“Maintain continual improvement in our business and manufacturing procedures with persistent staff development taking in to consideration operational health and safety in all stages. ”

Company Profile

We are leading manufacturers with leading market positions, we do help our customers:
To boost their productivity.
To improve their efficiency.
To higher their reliability upon our products.

Addtional Services :
After sales Services .
Maintenance contracts.
Startup Erection.

As our aspirations is continuously growing; EGYTRAFO Group perceived its success in Egypt and so penetrated the Middle Eastern and African markets through its factories, agents, and workshops. With the goal of delighting our customers and trying to reach them easily we focused on our distribution channels:
Headquarters: Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
Main Factories in Bader City Industrial area .
GULF TEPCO Factory – El Maddinah El Monawara – KSA
TERAFOTECH Manufacturing Plant – Ethiopa
Ambab Development Co. Ltd – Sudan (Distributer)
Dar El Hedaya – Iraq (Agent)
Syrian Co. For Trading – STCO – Syria (Agent)

Core values

On Time Delivery
Assured Quality
Maintaining Customer Loyalty
Teamwork: we encourage Teamwork with Contribution of Skills to strengthen our Processes
Pro-activity: in a Dynamic Environment we think Proactively rather than Reactively, we Lead Others, and take the Initiative
Creativity: we promote Creativity, Free and out of the Box Thinking, and New Ideas
Team Commitment: we maintain Affective Commitment not only Normative and Continuance Commitment

EGYTRAFO’s commitment to the Code of Conduct:

EGYTRAFO is highly committed to the ethical standards and we ensure its compliance
We have zero tolerance for any unethical acts
Our code of conduct is highly communicated with all employees in all levels to which each and everyone is highly committed to it


EGYTRAFO Group does not only maintain a highly qualified product but also an efficient process. We are responsible for highly qualified testing facilities, technical support, customer satisfaction, maintenance and even our contribution to the society and environment.

In addition, with high technology production lines and continuous improvement; EGYTRAFO Group is capable to meet its goals and objectives which are:
On time delivery

Finally, we are able to customize orders based on the customers’ desire for which we believe in delighting them.

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