Dry Transformers

Up to 3.6 MVA, 33 KV
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Dry Transformers

DRY Transformers …

Dry Transformers up to 3.6 MVA, 33 KV (Indoor & Outdoor)
  —   EGYTRAFO Group produces a wide range of Dry type Cast Resin transformers up to 3.6 MVA, 33 KV which are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation (inside an enclosure with certain IP) and ambient temperatures up to 45oC.
  — Dry type transformers is a reliable alternative for oil immersed transformer with low running costs, free maintenance, environmental friendly and suitable for operation under heavy load fluctuations.
* Different types:

    • Impregnated LV, Casted HV
    • Casted LV, Casted HV
    • Al — Al winding (Aluminum)
    • Cu — Cu winding  (Copper)
* Cooling Methods:
    • Air Natural (AN)
    • Air Forced (AF) : Increased Power by 35-40 %
* General Characteristics & Advantages:
    • Fire resistance :
     In locations where the fire risk associated with the use of mineral oil is unacceptable like offices, shopping complexes, apartment buildings, hospitals …etc.
    • Maintenance free:
    – No liquids/oil to contaminate, break down, leak or explode and burn
    • Insensitive to moisture
    • High overloading capacity
    • Long and stable lifetime
    • Installation close to load centers (maximum safety)
    • Easy to connect and install
    • Immediate switch-on
    • Easy to repair
    • No special requirements for installation room
  • Environmentally safe
    • Hardly inflammable
    • Low operational cost and service expenses
    • High performance, reliability and high short circuit strength
  * Field of Applications:
    • Transportation means as railways underground, trams, and tunnels
    • Locations with vibrations and shocks (like ships and cranes)
— All products comply to IEC standards
— KEMA Certified

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