Oil Transformers

up to 15 MVA, 33 KV

Oil transformers

Oil Transformers

EGYTRAFO Group produces a wide range of Oil Transformers from 25 KVA up to 15 MVA, 33 KV
 Oil Transformers suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and ambient temperatures up to 45oC
EGYTRAFO Group Transformers are designed to deliver maximum continuous power without exceeding the temperature rise limit and withstand overloading according to IEC — 60354
· Other operating condition and customized solutions can be implemented on request
EGYTRAFO Group — Oil Transformers
· Types of Oil immersed transformer:-
A- Standard distribution transformers: Ratings from 25 KVA to 3500 KVA with vector group Dyn 11
·  Pole-mounted transformers
·  Pad mounted transformers
·  Step -up transformers
·  Step -down transformers
B- Special Design Transformers: High rating up to 15000 KVA, 33 KV
– Various numbers of taps for instance: (5,7,9,12,.21, etc..
– Dual voltage transformers for both: primary and secondary side
– Testing transformers according to customer ratings and data
–  Isolating transformers according to customer ratings and data
–  Any connection group can be fulfilled on request
· EGYTRAFO Group can design new solutions for Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Industrial sectors, according to their existing networks, and requirements.
C- EARTHING Transformers / Zigzag.
D- Auto-Transformers: O.L.T.C Auto Transformer with rating up to 600 A & 9 tapping positions.
      —  All products comply with IEC Standards
—  KEMA Certified
  * Field of Applications:-
                    · Public works /Hotels / Skyscrapers / Airports / Banks /Special industries/ Shopping centers
                     /Public buildings /Office buildings.
                 · Stadiums /Variable speed drives /Utilities /Water Supply/ Carbon, Oil, and Gas /Metal and mining industry
                    /Wind and solar power /Application with rectifiers/Schools /Nuclear plants.

New Products
Automatic Regulated Auto — Transformers.

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